Oil Mobile Home- Cottage Furnace

Oil Mobile Home/Cottage Furnace

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The Thermo Pride Story
Located right here in the United States, Thermo Products, makers of
Thermo Pride heating and cooling equipment, has a 60-year heritage of
superior workmanship, product innovation and small town work ethic. We
are committed to handcrafted products and hometown values like comfort,
reliability, durability, quiet operation and high efficiency. You will
appreciate the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your Thermo Pride
Mobile Home and Cottage furnace is anything but a mass-produced,
low-cost compromise between quality and price.

Replace Your Old Furnace with Thermo Pride
When your current furnace fails, you’ll want to replace it with one that
is both dependable and economical. The Thermo Pride Oil Mobile Home
furnace is designed and built specifically as a replacement furnace.

We use only the finest construction materials and controls. Nowhere is
this more evident than in the heat exchanger, which incorporates our
time-tested highly efficient and durable Octatherm? design.

The Octatherm? Advantage
For over sixty years, our Octatherm heat exchanger has been used in
Thermo Pride oil furnaces. The time-tested, eight-sided design is at the
heart of Thermo Pride’s reputation for high efficiency, reliability and

Thermo Pride’s revolutionary Octatherm design forces flue gases into a
high rate of agitation as they pass through the heat exchanger. This
increases heat transfer and efficiency, resulting in more uniform
surface heating.

“Peace of Mind” Warranty
Since 1955, Thermo Poducts has stood behind their heat exchangers with
the industry’s only non-prorated, automatically transferable Lifetime
Limited Warranty. We also offer a full 10-year parts warranty comes
standard at no additional cost.

Made in the USA
We’re proud that Thermo Pride furnaces are manufactured in the
United State out of American steel. Thermo Pride oil products have also
earned the industry-respected certification for safety from
Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL)